If you’re working in the restaurant and food preparation industry, an oven is essential equipment in your kitchen. Because your focus is on preparing and serving food while it’s hot, you probably don’t have much time for tasks like cleaning ovens. However, regular cleaning of your oven is important.

Problems Caused by Dirty Ovens in Restaurant Kitchens

Greasy ovens cause smoke in restaurant kitchens, which is unpleasant and might affect the health of workers. Food spills from one dish might affect the flavour of another prepared in the same oven. Convection ovens don’t distribute heat effectively when air vents and fans become clogged up, causing food to cook longer and unevenly. The build-up of soot around the elements will affect the performance of the oven and eventually cause it to stop working. Most restaurants use the services of commercial cleaning companies in Sydney to clean their ovens.

Tips for Oven Cleaning in Sydney

A commercial oven is an expensive piece of equipment, but when taken care of properly, it can last for many years. Here are some tips for keeping your oven in tip-top condition.

Your oven probably suffers numerous grease splatters and food spills during a day. With no time for clean-up while working, oven cleaning in Sydney can become a messy task if left until the end of the day. If left unattended, boiled over food and spills will carbonate, eating into the racks and metal surfaces. Immediately use a damp cloth to wipe up food spills when they happen but be careful not to get burnt!

The best time to thoroughly clean your oven is when it is cold. Remove wire racks and shelves and clean them in a sink using a wire brush and soapy water. Wipe any loose debris out of the oven before cleaning the exterior and interior with a damp cloth. Pay particular attention to air vents and fans, making sure that no debris or grease is left behind.

If any carbonised food is left after wiping, use baking soda to break it down and scrub the spots clean. When your ovens are cleaned regularly, heavy-duty cleaning with corrosive industrial oven cleaning chemicals should not be necessary. This can considerably extend the lifetime of wire racks and interior metal surfaces.

Employing commercial cleaning services in Sydney to clean up your restaurant kitchen after hours is a sensible choice. We can do the cleaning once the equipment has cooled down, leaving ovens open overnight to dry completely.

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