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  • Who are constantly striving to provide our customers with a cleaning solution that suits their needs and availability.
    Our ingredients makes us proud!

You ask We deliver!

We have developed our operating procedures to ensure we deliver what you ask for as per the standard

We are as our Name!

Our Approach is crystal clear
Our Intentions are crystal clear
Our Services are crystal clear

Our services speak for us!

We understand the importance of time and we know how important it is for you that we stick to the timelines.
Rest assured for our service guarantee.


It is very difficult to keep everything under control every time in this fast world where you are occupied with so much.

We encourage you to spend quality time with your family and friends. You create memories while you leave the cleaning to us. Be it one-off house cleaning and gardening to regular domestic and office cleaning, We have done it ll.
Let's try to keep our work environment clean and free from hazards. Get in touch.
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Our Mission

To be able to cater to our customer's request within time and provide our services with determined standards and consistency.

We are Glad to meet you!

Crystal zone cleaning services is a family run business and therefore all of us understands the importance of building and providing a safe, clean and healthy environment for you and your family not only at home but also in offices and other commercial places around.

Our Vision

To help create a world which is more organized, clean and healthy.

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