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Wall washing or Mould cleaning

When it comes to cleaning wall are mostly neglected as it is challenging as compared to the others. A clean wall is a sign of clean home, but removing the mould especially after monsoon is a tough job, it requires a specialised approach to clean such stubborn grime. Moulds, grimes, smudges, dust, cobwebs or finger marks, Crystal Zone Cleaning can get you clean and pristine walls with the help of our skilled team of professionals. We can get you rid of dirt from any kind of surface with our eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Paints play a major role in wall washing, as it a challenging task to clean the surface which is painted. If it is a satin paint or eggshell paint with glossy finish it becomes easy to wash. Proper wall washing can extend the life of paints on the wall and your surface will look presentable for years.     

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